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 A North Country Community Cookbook.

 Recipes by locals, collected and published through United Community Center.
United Community Center, a non-profit serving the NNY area, opened its doors in July 2017 at 55 Main Street in the Village of Philadelphia. Building toward a community that is more safe, eclectic, and connected between generations, they work to develop programming that serves all people, of all needs. 
The recipes in this book were compiled through their community potluck dinner held in September 2017, right down the middle of Main Street in Philadelphia. You brought your favorite homemade dishes, along with the recipes for those dishes, and United Community Center added them to our community's first published cookbook. 
From apples to zucchini; poutine to Thousand Island Dressing; cream cheese to corn; it's a special part of our area, and it's waiting for you inside this book.