Cook's Knife

Cook's Knife

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The cook's knife easily chops, dices and minces vegetables like green peppers.

Silver or Black handle. Blade 6 ¼", overall 10 ⅞"

The Rada Cutlery Cook’s Knife is one you will grow to love. While it is a larger sized knife, it is still easy to control and not intimidating like a chef knife.  Featuring a 6 ¼ inch blade, the size makes it perfectly suited for serious cooking tasks.

This Cook’s Knife will allow you to dice and mince vegetables for casseroles, salads, soups, and countless other recipes. The blade is specially designed to rock gently for cutting or mincing, while the surgical quality, high-carbon, stainless steel blade is hand-sharpened for a razor edge. Whatever food you take the Cook’s Knife to, you can expect a great cut that will bring out the most potential in your recipes.

Users of the Cook’s Knife agree that it is the best knife they have in their kitchen.

“I use it for everything,” said one customer of the Cook’s Knife. “From slicing vegetables, cutting meat. Even cutting an ice cream cake. The blade is thin and works so great. I had made a recipe using crackers where you have to cut cracker in half length wise. This knife did it with out breaking a cracker. It is my ‘go-to’ knife. I plan on buying several for gifts.”

“This knife is a perfect fit for my hands. It is very sharp and looks great in my kitchen. I have given several away as gifts and everyone loves it. I would recommend this knife to anyone that wants a knife that is affordable and great to use,” raved another Cook’s Knife user.