Plain Food Chopper

Plain Food Chopper

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The Rada Food Chopper is the perfect pastry blender for pie crusts and cookies

3" diameter, 4" tall

The Rada Plain Food Chopper is one of the most useful tools you can have in your kitchen.

This manual food chopper is designed to effortlessly chop a wide variety of foods that go into preparing your favorite dishes. It’s a simple, easy to use tool that is of equal use to novice and professional cooks alike. This is the best food chopper for chopping biscuit dough, celery, eggs, onions, sugar cookies, and more!  It is also a great tool for forming slider hamburgers or breaking up ground beef when browning in a pan!

The sharpened edge makes efficient cuts, while the light weight makes this hand food chopper easy to wield. The grip is sturdy and safe, ensuring a stress-free experience as you chop.

Those who have used the Plain Food Chopper agree that their kitchen isn’t complete without it, the best food chopper they’ve ever owned.

“We will be ordering more than one. Just love it,” said one customer.

“This is a great old fashioned tool to chopped, eggs, onions, chicken for chicken salad, etc. I love it!” raved another.

“I've had one of these for decades,” wrote another customer in a 5-star Amazon review. “My grandmother had several and I was given one at some point. It is an amazing little tool for the price and it never seems to dull. I use it to quickly chop nuts and to make tuna and egg salads.”