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Impress your guests with your carving skills using Rada Cutlery.

Silver or Black handle. Blade 7", overall 11 ⅜"

They say a classic never dies, and The Rada Slicer knife is proof. One of the three original knives produced by Rada Mfg. Co., it has been America’s go-to blade for slicing an array of meats for over 60 years.

This meat slicer’s 7-inch blade is made of surgical-quality, high-carbon stainless steel. It’s also hand-sharpened for a razor-sharp edge, meaning that it will easily slice a Thanksgiving turkey, succulent pork loin, juicy roast, or a decadent prime rib. Whenever you have a centerpiece meat that needs perfect cuts to be served to friends and family, you won’t find a better slicer knife.

But the Slicer isn’t just ideal for meat. It’s equally handy when preparing larger fruits and vegetables, such as cantaloupe, melon and cabbage.

Customers have been raving about the Rada Slicer knife, particularly its high quality and great value.

“These are the best knives I have ever owned. They are extremely sharp and durable,” said one happy customer of the Slicer.

“Love my Rada knives!” said another. “This works very nicely on roasts or fowl. I have many Rada pieces and am collecting even more!”